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Starting a business that creates products or services to solve customers' and prospects' problems is commendable. Having a website that hosts your information and content is equally important. Your business audience needs a website to get relevant information about your brand and consume your content before making a purchasing decision. Because your website and your business's online presence are relevant to your business growth, your best bet is to employ a team of dedicated and experienced professionals. This Semalt overview answers all of your questions about trusting Semalt with your business’s online growth.

Table of Contents

  • What is Website Analytics?
  • What is SEO?
  • Why Choose Semalt?
  • How Does Semalt Grow Your Business?
  • Who Are We?
  • Meet Our In-house Pet, Turbo. 

What is Website Analytics?

Website analytics is the measuring and analysis of data collected from a website with the sole purpose of studying site visitors’ behavior to gain insights into how to create content that delights them. Your website acts as your business’s online ‘office complex,' and from your website analytics, you can tell which webpages they visit most. These insights become handy tools to enhance your business’s brand awareness among customers and prospects alike.

For you to get accurate insights from your website analytics data, it is important for you to know and understand the key performance indicators (KPI) that are relevant to your business’s success. Google offers comprehensive website analytics. Be sure to check it out for your business’s growth.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the overall improvement in the quality and amount of organic traffic to your website with the aim of improving your business’s bottom line. Imagine having an office in a good business district with a prime location, but you don’t have a great team to achieve your business goals. It would be like having a good, well-optimized website without user-friendly SEO content. Your site visitors won’t have much content with which to interact with your business. Another good reason why you should consider working on your website content is that SEO content helps your business to be found on search engine results pages (SERPs). The more SEO content in your business niche you have on your website, the more traffic you’ll generate.

This is an example of how SEO content ranks highly on the search engine results page. To grow your business, you should consider investing your resources in producing SEO content to rank above your competitors for the relevant keywords in your business niche.

SEO Tip:
Since Google is the world’s largest search engine, it’s best to start your SEO process with Google SEO tools. 

Why Choose Semalt?

Given our years of experience in building brands’ online presences, we understand that your business’s online presence is essential in growing your customer base and wooing prospects to engage with your business. We also understand how having a great online presence affects your bottom line. We have handled several successful projects in the past. Check out our customers testimonials page on our website. Start the process of growing your brand’s online reputation today; there’s no better way than letting our team of professionals take your business to new heights.

When you partner with us, we assure you that we are committed to providing you with all the resources and continued support to grow your business today.

Still undecided about partnering with us to grow your business’s online presence due to a tight budget or some other factors? You’ve got nothing to worry about, as we have a flexible pricing structure that is tailored towards helping you grow your business awareness without causing you more financial strain. Contact us now to find out more about our discounts and incentives to get you started on your path to growing your business.

SEO Tip:
Ensure you always create user-friendly and SEO optimized content on your website because this is key to ranking highly on Google SERPs. 

How Does Semalt Grow Your Business?

At Semalt, our major focus is growing the client’s online business reputation. We have experience and a dedicated team of professionals who oversee the achievement of our partners’ business goals. No matter your business niche, your language, your time zone, or your peculiar business needs, our team will work for the success of your project. We offer the following services to our clients worldwide.

Semalt Web Analytics

Following our experience with and investment in technology, we have perfected our Semalt Keyword Ranking Checker and Web Analyzer to help you:
  • Research your competitors high-ranking keywords to create better SEO content in your industry
  • Know how your content ranks on SERPs
  • Identify and resolve your business’s website’s on-page optimization errors
  • Get up-to-date and comprehensive website analytics and ranking reports
We offer you website optimization services and we also provide you with comprehensive data analysis of your website. These services are key to the overall performance of your website and its contents because you’d profit from them in the shortest possible time when you subscribe to our services.

After you’ve partnered with us, you’ll be armed with accurate and reliable data to create strategies to achieve your business goals. Here’s a client’s feedback on our Semalt Web Analytics service.

SEO Services

Regardless of the size of your business or your budget, we have customized SEO services that will boost how your content ranks on SERPs. Over the years, we have gained in-depth knowledge of how to rank highly on popular search engine results pages. We have two types of customizable SEO services that will cater to your business needs.

Semalt AutoSEO

If you subscribe to our AutoSEO service now, you’re certain to get your SEO content ranked highly on search engines in the shortest time possible. Priced at $0.99, start growing your online business presence and get real value for your money’s worth. Semalt AutoSEO package is tailored towards:
  • Ranking for keywords relevant to your business niche
  • Getting web analytics data and reports to help you set your business goals
  • Creating links to content on other websites with high domain authority
  • Improving your website’s ranking and visibility
  • Optimizing all pages on your website
We’ve achieved a stellar reputation for our Semalt AutoSEO service. Check out a satisfied customer’s feedback on the AutoSEO package below.
Subscribe to our Semalt AutoSEO package now and start getting the results you desire. We’ll get you results for every penny spent with the most ethical SEO practices.

Semalt FullSEO

Subscribe to our Semalt FullSEO package and we assure you that you’ll get the best Whitehat SEO service guaranteed to get your content rank higher than your competitors’ within the shortest possible time. Our Semalt FullSEO package has gotten clients outstanding results around the world. Get your FullSEO package now to give your business the online reputation boost it needs to grow your customer base and increase revenue. The Semalt FullSEO package is comprised of the following services:
  • On-page and technical website optimization
  • Fixing website errors
  • Creating user-friendly and SEO optimized content for your business
  • Comprehensive link building to websites with high domain authority
  • Continued support and after-sales consulting services

Don’t postpone your online business growth goals to get good results until the next budgeting period. Contact us right away to discuss your business needs and get more details about our flexible payment options to kick-start the growth of your business’s online presence.

Video Production

Have you ever thought of creating videos to help your customers trust your brand? Semalt has a team of talented and experienced video creation professionals. All you’ve got to do is give us a call and our experts will create videos that’ll get shared. Whether you want sales promotional videos, instructional videos, etc., we’ve got you covered. Our video experts will transform your ideas into videos that promote your business aspirations, delight and attract your customers and get your desired results. We create videos that fit your business needs and your budget.

Website Development

Your website is the best medium for reaching out to your customers and prospects. It houses your content and information that’s relevant to your business. When they visit your website, they engage with your website by consuming this content that helps them make informed decisions. Therefore, you should consider letting Semalt help you build a website that will house your business information and content. We are proud to say that we’ve successfully executed different website development projects in the past for our happy clients around the world. We offer you after-sales support on how best to manage your website, too.

Our website developers are committed to making your website development project a success. We have over ten years of experience in designing websites that serve your business needs. Be sure to check out testimonials from our satisfied clients worldwide and give us a call today.

Who Are We?

Semalt is a full-stack digital agency committed to providing top-notch services to our clients worldwide. We are a team of experts in SEO, website development, video production, website analytics, brand strategy, online marketing, and content creation. Partner with us in growing your business’s online presence and get the best results for your money’s worth. Regardless of the size of your business or budget, we can help you succeed in achieving your business goals. Your business success is our major goal and we deploy all of our resources to make it a reality.

Meet Our In-house Pet, Turbo.

We value our friends and partners, even our in-house pet, Turbo. Turbo has been with us from the inception of our agency, through thick and thin. We desire to be part of your business success story, too. No matter the phase of your business growth, we’ll be happy to join forces and resources with you to overcome your business challenges and achieve your business goals.


Regardless of your industry, your business size, your budget, or your language, our team of talented and reliable professionals work around the clock to grow your business. The difference in language is not a barrier because our experts and account managers speak your language, be it English, French, Italian, Turkish, German, Polish, Russian, etc. Contact us now and let’s begin growing your business's online presence.